Visual Anagramming Tool
Frequently Asked Questions
  Q.   How do I shuffle the tiles?
A.   You can shuffle the tiles by touching the Shuffle Button on the toolbar, or by shaking your device.
Q.   When I shake my device, it doesn't shuffle the tiles.
A.   Check to make sure that the Shake to Shuffle setting is turned ON.
Q.   How do I check if a word is valid?
A.   Spin the dials to form your word, then touch the Check Button. The selector strip will turn GREEN if the word is valid, or RED if the word is not valid.
Q.   What is an anagram?
A.   An anagram is a word that is formed by using the letters of another word exactly once in a different order. E.g., RETINAS and RETAINS are anagrams.
Q.   How do I show or hide the list of anagrams?
A.   Touch the List Button in the toolbar to toggle display of the list of anagrams. When the list is displayed, touch any individual word to distribute the letters across the dials.
Q.   What do TWL and OSPD mean?
A.   TWL and OSPD are abbreviations for the various word lists (lexicons) that are available.
Q.   What does a question mark (?) mean?
A.   The question mark (?) represents a blank or wildcard letter.
Q.   What's a wildcard?
A.   A wildcard is a placeholder. It can be replaced with any letter you choose. When you check a word with a wildcard in it, you will be asked to designate the letter to complete the word.
Q.   How many wildcards can I enter?
A.   Currently, the only limit to the number of wildcards is the maximum length of the word (which you can change in Settings). However, the more wildcards you enter, the longer it will take to generate the list of anagrams. It is recommended that you limit your racks to 2-3 wildcard characters at most.
Q.   How do I contact Idiolex Software?
A.   Tap on Settings > Contact Idiolex and click on Contact.
Q.   Where can I get technical support?
A.   Tap on Settings > Idiolex Website and click on Support.