iJudge is a tournament-class word adjudication utility. Use iJudge to check words or resolve challenges and disputes while playing your favorite word games like Scrabble, Boggle, Anagrams, Jumble, Word Search, and crosswords.
Karaoke Book is a personal, digital karaoke song list app. Karaoke Book lets you search by song Title, Artist, Genre, and keyword. It generates Request Slips and saves your Recent activity, History, and Favorites. Karaoke Book includes list management features for karaoke DJ / hosts.
TouchRack is a visual annagramming utility. It supports full drag-and-drop of tiles for easy rearrangement of letter tiles. Check words and solve racks to find all possible words.
SpinRack is a simple visual anagramming tool. Spin fletters on familiar pickers to find and check words. SpinRack also solves racks and displays lists of possible words.