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Frequently Asked Questions
  Q.   Why isn't my favorite karaoke venue listed? How do I add it?
A.   The app only lists the events and venues for the karaoke/entertainment company or venue that asked us to create the app for them. Have your favorite venue contact us about making a custom Karaoke Book Song List app specifically for them
Q.   I can't find the song I'm looking for. I know the DJ has it.
A.   There are a few reasons why you cannot find your song:
  • You mistyped the title or artist. Double check the information and try again.
  • The song was inadvertently left off the list or your host has not yet updated the list since acquiring the song. Please contact your host about the correction. You can create a Custom Request in the app from the Side Menu.
  • Your app needs to be updated. Check the App Store on your device or in iTunes for updates.
  • Your karaoke host actually doesn't have the song yet. Check with the host for details.
Q.   How do I show the help screens again?
A.   Tap the Side Menu icon to display the menu, and select Settings. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Help Screen.
Q.   Items are missing from the Side Menu or Settings.
A.   The Side Menu and Settings views are scrollable. On devices with smaller screens, you may need to scroll down to the bottom to see additional items.
Q.   How can I tell which venue has karaoke tonight?
A.   Tap the Side Menu icon and select Events for a list of karaoke events and times, or select Venues to see locations on a map.
Q.   I can't log in.
A.   Make sure you're using the correct user name and password, and that have an Internet connection. If you still can't log in, try resetting your password from the Login screen (Settings > Login... > Forgot Password). If the problem still persists, please contact Support.
Q.   It says my user name is taken.
A.   If you think you may have already registered that user name, try resetting your password. Otherwise, if the user name is taken, you will have to select another one.
Q.   The list of songs for an artist is incomplete.
A.   There are a few reasons why the list may be incomplete:
  • Your karaoke host does not have the additional song(s) for this artist.
  • If you're browsing Genres and the list is incomplete, it means that we were unable to obtain genre metadata for the additional songs. Genre browsing only displays songs for which genre metadata is available.
  • The artist name is slightly different on the master list, and therefore, is not associated with the (correctly typed) artist. Try searching by Title and see if the song is available, and if so, please notify your host. You can also fill out a Custom Request.
Q.   The map only shows me the ocean, and/or the Events list is blank or has incorrect distances on it.
A.   Try selecting the menu item again. Additionally, Location Services must be turned on and you must give permission to the app to use these features. Usually, you will get a popup asking for permission. You can also update permissions in the device's Settings app under Privacy > Location Services.
Q.   How do I update the song list or the app?
A.   Only the karaoke host can update the actual song list. Once the song list is updated, an app update will be available. Check the App Store on your device or in iTunes for updates.
Q.   How do I get directions to a venue?
A.   Tap on one of the pins on the Venues map, and tap the Information button (i) on the popup. Then tap either Directions from Here or Directions to Here. This will launch the Maps app with the corresponding directions to/from the venue.
Q.   How do I mark / unmark a song as a Favorite?
A.   Tap the Star on the Request Preview or Song Request views to toggle Favorites on/off for that song.
Q.   What do I do with the Request Slip once it's created?
A.   Once you've tapped the Submit button and your slip is display the QR code (B/W square barcode), take it to your karaoke host so it can be scanned.
Q.   How do I contact the karaoke host?
A.   The easiest method is to walk over and say, "Hi!" You can also send the host an email message by tapping Settings > Contact (host) ... (WARNING: It's not the host's personal email, and may be read by others in the karaoke/entertainment company's or venue's office.)
Q.   How do I contact Idiolex Software?
A.   Tap on Settings > Contact Idiolex and click on Contact.
Q.   Where can I get technical support?
A.   Tap on Settings > Idiolex Website and click on Support.